That’s right, we’ve come up with some little hacks that should make it incredibly easy to have a more relaxed and stress-free time out in the wild. All of the following tricks are designed to add that little more efficiency to your camping experience, and if you manage to integrate some of them into your routine, we can pretty much guarantee that you will have a better time under the stars

If you like spicy camp food (or just food that tastes like something other than cardboard) then make sure you pack some chillis or other spices along with the rest of your stuff. This may sound quite a challenge, but one of the best things we have ever discovered is chinese food boxes that you get with your takeaway. These are excellent little boxes that can be used to pack your spices away in. Just a couple of boxes may add that extra bit of enjoyment to meal times. It is well worth considering, and may just be the solution you need when it is truly wet and miserable. Think about adding some spice to your hot soup, for example. You’ll thank us for it.

Keeping clean

One of the biggest issues is efficient bathing while you are out in your tent. We’re not talking about finding somewhere to keep clean (most campers can manage that) but instead conserving soap. If you lose your soap in the wild, you could really be up against it. We recommend a simple fix. Take a bar of soap and a knife and simply cut up the bar so you have long and sizeable flakes of soap. Then store each one or a clump of flakes individually in bags. This way, if you lose soap, you always have a backup in your backpack to make things a whole lot easier and less stressful.

We also recommend something that schoolchildren have been doing for years. Take a keyring and stick it to any zipper you have in your kit, from your sleeping bag to your actual bag. If you’re out and it is particularly cold, the last thing you want to do is deal with a zipper that is even remotely stuck. Using a keyring allows you to get on top of this situation, and ensure that you can still use that zipper, no matter how cold or how small the zip is. It’s a tiny bit of genius, but believe us, it makes a huge difference.

Keep those valuables safe

Talking of old school tricks, try this one. If you have some valuables and you’re feeling a little nervous about taking them with you, simply store them inside a bar of soap. It may seem a little silly, but it just ensures no one is going to find them (who looks at soap?) and also protects them against knocks and bumps. Again, deceptively simple, but incredibly effective.

Those are just a few tricks to make your camping trip a little smoother. Try them out and look like you’re completely in control (even if you’re not).

Written by Elena