Stag parties are fun. They are the perfect memory to your life well lived without boundaries. Moreover, your last night of freedom calls for an exciting plan. Amsterdam is one good choice provided that you are willing to spend some big bucks. The city is considered as the most expensive one in Europe. The picturesque canals, renowned architecture and gracious parks, everything is definite that one would end up spending more than he thinks. Talking about the night life, we see no exception there as well. You will not be disappointed if you research well in advance about the costing and expenses that the city demands. Though, it is worth the plan.

As a reveller, you will be surprised to know that £500 will be taken out of your pocket within just 2 days.  Although the flight tickets are cheap but it doesn’t promise to end up the same likewise. For the information, you can choose either eastern or central Europe for throwing a happening stag party. You will find the price for accommodation and booze affordable there. The other cities who have been marked as the second and third most expensive are London and Barcelona. These cities are followed by Bournemouth, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

The total average cost per city including airfares, taxi charges, accommodation, and booze is also high. You surely didn’t like knowing about it. And, if drinking, nightclubs and other leisure activities are all that is in your mind, the city might give you some hard time, due to its high rise prices. But there is always an option available. Brno is one of the good options. The cost is just half of what Amsterdam is known for. Prague, Hamburg and Budapest are other cities that are good when it comes to organising a stag party. You might have spent fortune to plan the celebration at Amsterdam, it would shock you that it will leave no stone unturned in emptying your pockets further. Nobody likes that!  Besides, your buddies would be disappointed due to the high price of booze and activities. So, it is better to proceed further with your celebrations somewhere cheap rather than breaking your bank. And if you are known as a heavy boozer, the city might give you a heart break. Talking about the cost of stag weekend per person, it is £538 wherein other cities can offer you much lower. There are always a certain set of p’s and q’s while organising a stag-do in another city or country. That’s why, make sure you research well in advance in order to avoid being looted while planning your special party. If you talk about the options for the stag do, you will not be surprised if every other club or hotel has a set up for it. The prices may vary though. The city surely promises some memorable moments but at the expanse of making your pockets weigh light.

Planning a perfect party, consider few options ( before deciding on the one.

Written by Elena