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Welcome to Britains Best Breaks, my little travel blog where I can share all of my experiences. I love to venture out to places I have never been before, this helps fuel my creative spirit from which I can enlighten all of my readers with.

However there are times when I find it particularly difficult to come up with some unique and insightful information.

Here is how you can help out when I get a mental block, just send me a message using the contact form below and lets get brainstorming!

Travel Blog Guidelines

To help get you started here is a quick rundown of some basic guidelines for any piece of content that we collaborate on:

  • Well written content– My readers are smart and would love content that is well cited and full of awesome facts and data that are relevant to travelling.
  • A Picture Says a Thousand Words – Including thumbnail pictures is the minimum requirement for blog posts on my site as they are a powerful tool which can be used to empower travel posts.
  • Fake Travelers need not apply – We love hearing about people’s real life experiences whilst travelling. If you are an SEO agency who are looking to promote a company, client or brand then if you wish to be featured on my blog the content will need to be pretty spectacular

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