Your first campervan will always hold a special place in your heart. Often given a name to bring it into the fold of the family and the source of many incredible memories, it will be a vehicle never to be forgotten as the years go by.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve just bought your first campervan, you have your campervan insurance in place and you’re deciding what to pack for your inaugural adventure, here are some tips on travelling light but having all the comforts of home.

Small but perfectly formed

Space can be a challenge in a campervan but there’s just about everything you’ll need to buy now available in miniature sizes. Camping equipment shops stock kitchen items such as pans and even a collapsible mini kettle with smaller dimensions and they often stack away into the tiniest of cupboards with their ingenious storage design solutions. Mugs, bowls and plates are available in matching sets with a decreased overall size and if you choose melamine plastic they won’t break if you drop one when enjoying outside eating.

Be ready for the weather

Person human child girl waterSudden downpours during a relaxing outside lunch, trying to set up or decamp in poor conditions mean that it’s easy to get wet, but with storage at a minimum, taking thick bath sheets is out of the question. Having a soggy experience doesn’t mean being downhearted and remaining damp though as microfibre is the miracle fabric to the rescue. With an ability to soak up large amounts of water and dry much more quickly than a conventional towel, one hung in the shower, another by the door and a third in the cab area will mean it’s easy to quickly remove excess rainwater. Don’t be put off by the small size of some microfibre products, they are incredibly absorbent even it tiny.

Be prepared

Being out and about can mean cuts, bumps and grazes from either setting up camp or when in the countryside itself. A first aid kit is essential to deal with minor injuries; swabs, a couple of bandages and sterile plasters of varying size will keep you going should a member of the family have a small accident. Remember to restock at the end of the trip if anything has been used.

Make housework a breeze

It’s just as important to keep a campervan clean and tidy as your home so some basic cleaning equipment should be chosen. A dustpan and long-handled broom is a great addition to be able to sweep out sand or dirt as is a mop for any spills which will stain the floor and a portable washing line to hang up damp items or clothing which has been washed whilst away.

Game, set and match

Having on-board entertainment in a campervan doesn’t necessarily mean the latest handheld consoles. Power will be limited without unlimited electricity so it will soon be time to bring out the traditional classics as a great way to spend an evening watching the sun set or passing a few hours on a rainy afternoon. A deck of cards and a couple of well-loved board games such as Scrabble will mean everyone can have fun and the time spent together communicating is very precious.

Unwanted pests

mosquitoTravelling anywhere in the summer months can mean encountering insects which bite. Some people are more prone to attracting them but there are some parts of the UK – such as rural Scotland – where midges and other similar pests will have a nibble on most people.

Carry some insect repellent and citronella candles to be protected. The candles will ward off many flying insects and the repellent will help as you enjoy an evening barbecue and then keep you as bite-free as possible whilst you’re asleep.

With all the essentials packed, motorhome insurance found and a route planned, it’s then just a case of hopping on board, popping the key in the ignition and heading off to the first stop of the trip. Life will never be the same once you’ve tasted the life on the open road – enjoy.

Written by Elena