If you’re excited to take an extended vacation or even an educational trip with your family, it’s important that you capitalize on your home while you are gone. Many people might balk at the idea of opening up their home to a stranger. But having fellow travelers stay in your home while you are away is nothing but a life-enriching experience, not to mention positive for your bank account. And who knows, maybe you could even do a home swap with a family that resides in your destination, thus saving thousands of dollars in accommodation fees.

While it’s impossible to predict the future, we can say with certainty that whomever you rent your home out to will be grateful the more upgraded your home is. Major upgrades, like a bench in a shower, a second loo, a paved walkway from the vehicle parking, and other projects go a long way in increasing the rental value of your property. These can be relatively simple to implement and make a huge difference in the total revenue from a rental.

Little details like new bath towels, matching cutlery, and an active Internet and TV connection really make a rental feel like home to the renter. These are the kinds of things that will give you rave reviews as well as repeat guests.

And why should all of this matter, if your goal is to get out of the home and travel? The more you put your home to work for you in your absence, the more you can afford to travel. If every time you travel abroad, your home is making 100 quid a day, your travel expenses are going to feel a lot less impactful on your budget, aren’t they? That’s the idea behind renting out your home anyway.

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Written by Elena