There are many environmental issues the world is going to face in 2017. We must prepare for them if we want to see a greener and healthier planet.

# 1 – The Growing Population

  • The growing population is the # 1 issue and one of the realistic problems world is going to face.
  • The world’s population has already increased by three times in the last 60 years and it is actually placing quite a stress in terms of trees being cut to accommodate this population.
  • With trees being cut, the complete natural ecosystem is going for a toss also. So, growing population is a definite concern

# 2 – The surge for Wireless Systems

  • With growing demands, a number of wireless networks are being set up.
  • People are using smartphones to download facebook videos or watching live TV. With the increase in wireless networking, radiation levels are increasing and touching the roof.
  • No wonder, it will result in many issues like Cancer and will affect the eco-system also. It is important to go for a digital technology that has an eco-friendly feel to it.

# 3 – Water

  • It is evident that the 3rd world war will happen because of a shortage of water. It is very important to save water and opt for many important tactics like rainwater harvesting.
  • It is also critical that natural resources are getting dried up and it will be critical to use the rainwater effectively.
  • The irony is that many countries in Asia are using bore well to dig the water from the ground. As per the recent reports, 40% water is wasted every day due to over-availability of water which is a worrying sign in these countries.

# 4 – Pollution

  • Pollution is raking up the entire ecosystem. There is pollution inside our home to these days. Due to population blast, the size of the homes is cranking up giving rise to bad architecture and home structure. It is resulting in an increment in the pollution levels inside the house.
  • Though, people are trying to opt for eco-friendly Cork Kitchen Flooring and Cork Wall Tiles, pollution inside homes is a growing issue. Not to mention, the pollution outside the home is also increasing and lung cancer has become a much common disease and 2017 will also be the same if we do not do anything.


  • We need, to be honest, and plant more trees, save every drop of water, and keep the environment clean to survive tomorrow.


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