We have all heard the legend of the guys who placed a bit of a large wager on Leicester City to win the 15/16 Premier League. Then we all know about the people who thought that Chelsea would walk away with the league title in 16/17.

How these people can accurately predict the outcome of a season-long commitment is a bit of a mystery. The Leicester City result can be put down to the ridiculously large odds that were being offered by the bookies and a few die hard Leicester City fans. Who would not feel like backing their own team for the price of a few pints?

Then again, when Chelsea start the pre-season build-up in the form they were showing in August and then after a brief look at the high-quality depth of their squad, who would bet against Chelsea romping away with the whole season?

Betting on individual football matches can be a very precarious undertaking. Freak results and one-off performances can crop up at any time. It is one of the key ingredients of the Premier League, on any given day any team can beat any other.

Whilst the weekends can be fairly unpredictable, the overall picture at the end of the season is always the same. Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool will always be at or near the top.

If you want to bet on one of the teams to win the title, you would be taking an outside chance to bet outside of these five teams. Yes, we know that Leicester City did win it last year, but this was the exception that proved the rule. They haven’t come close again this year and normal service has been restored.

Before you place any bet, it is vital to check out the current Premier League odds & results at William Hill. Form is everything in football and whilst it might dip in the odd match, the good teams have a constantly high level of form and they can almost guarantee the results.

The odds will tell you more about your bet than just how much you will win. A favourite is always going to have small odds and you will have to question whether it is worth risking your large stake for a smaller win, but with a bit more security.

Or are you looking to take a bigger gamble and to take the longer odds, where you are taking a big risk, the result will only come your way one in a while, but when it does come off and you have backed the result, the payout is pretty impressive.

The Leicester City fans will tell you to take the long odds, it worked once for them. The Chelsea fans will tell you to take the small odds as they will definitely win the league and the Arsenal fans will tell you to bet on them finishing fourth.

Where ever you plan to put your money, just make sure you get the best odds possible.current Premier League odds & results at William Hill

Written by Elena