outdoor activities
Summer is sluggishly approaching its peak. (It took its time this year round). With the warmth many of us will be presented with new and exciting activities to participate in. No one will want to remain inside, so this list is to open you up to new adventures to be had. A lot of families will venture abroad; however I would say we have everything within reach here, on our beautiful Island (mainly when the sun’s out).

Outdoor activities will not need to consist of just the park and hikes, which in their own right are very enjoyable. I however have compiled a list of more heart racing and adrenaline pumping is adventure days. All the activities are great for families to have an exciting day out all across the U.K, from Cornwall, Fort William and Edinburgh.

Mountain Biking

A great way to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors would be mountain biking. For families there are the relaxing bike tours. Very good for keeping the children entertained whilst you yourself can have a relaxing ride through the country. There are of course helmets and routes allocated to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience for all the family.

When you are feeling more than comfortable of the easier ride, then you are able to push you limits. Hare-core downhill coaching can be provided. This is done to the level at which you are comfortable with and safe. The guides are happy to showcase some tricks and teach you a few also. Really good way to get out and try an activities which may not normally roll (yes, I meant the pun) to the front of your mind.

Climbing & Abseiling

Ever wanted to face that fear of heights? I have (failed, but tried). This activity is a particularly good way to challenge you in a safe and controlled manner. The kids will love it as they are pushing each other to go further, all with the support of the staff. Keeping your children engaged for you to relax, for you to enjoy this new outdoor experience also. Climbing and abseiling will provide precious skills for your children and yourself.

Via Ferrata

‘Via Ferrata’ is translated to ‘Iron way’ in Latin. It was a system to have soldiers gain vantage points in the mountain during the war. Now you have the chance to challenge ourselves on this course. This activity runs beside the third biggest waterfall in Scotland. Equipped with fixed cables, staples, ladders and bridges, this route allows users to access this spectacular environment. This activity is however for ages 10 and over the height of 1m 30cm.

Gorge Walking

This is a great activity for those with young children, allowing for a fun filled outdoor adventure. You’re provided with the equipment required to enjoy yourself swimming through natural pools, small jumps, and fun slides down natural water flumes. This activity is a great introduction to Canyoning but easier alternative.


Kayaking brings a fun that is very accessible for everyone. You are able to enjoy scenic routes or ride the waves, dependant on your level of confidence and skill level. You also don’t need to Kayak alone as with younger children, there are single person and two person, sit-on-top kayaks also. The experts will teach you to enjoy them on flat water, as you progress into the waves. Simply paddling along taking in the scenes or quickly travelling with your buddy or on your own is a great experience not to be missed.

These 5 activities are at the top of my list, with a great opportunity to enjoy a new adventure with your family. All these activities have experts to put you at ease and allow yourself along with your children to enjoy a new experience.

All equipment is provided for the activities of the day, meaning less hassle and just straight into the fun to be had. In the U.K, Vertical Descents have multiple locations and provide even more activities than the 5 mentioned above. So get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Written by Elena