One of the most famous holiday spots in the UK is the Lake District. The lake district national park is unrivaled for its scenic beauty and pictorial landscapes. It lies in the distant northwestern part of England. There are altogether sixteen lakes in this area, Windemere is the largest one while Elterwater is the smallest one. Other than lakes there are other water reservoirs in this region as well such as tarns and other aquifers.

Lake district gained its popularity after the mid of 19th century when the railway came to Windermere in 1847. The Lake District is also world renown for its connections with the famous English poets William Wordsworth & Beatrix Potter. Moreover, you can still visit the old home of Beatrix Potter, which is a 17th-century old cottage known as the ‘Hill Top’. The house of Wordsworth is also nearby in the vicinity of Grasmere. You can even visit his grave that is in St. Oswald’s Churchyard.

Almost all of the most beautiful lakes found in the UK are located here.  You can start your journey by going beyond Windermere, heading north towards the middle of the park. The more you go towards the north, the more scenic the views get. Everything here seems like out-of-this-world from bottle-green vales to serrate ridges, even the sheep grazing on the mountains enhances its beauty. Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction in this area is the mesmerizing views of lakes but there are several other things that you can try here rather than “wandering lonely as a cloud”.

Things you can do in the Lake District:

Here’s a brief list of things that you can do with your family while vacationing in the Lake District.

Exploring the walking trails:

Some of the world’s most refined walking trails are found in the Lake District. There are many trails that you can traverse on your own and enjoy the stunning panoramic views. However, no matter where you go trekking, if in case you get lost, you can always reach back with the help of Mspy UK.

Climb the Helvellyn:

Another great activity to do while you’re in Lake district is to go for mountain climbing on Helvellyn. It is the 3rd highest peak in England and is at an elevation of 1000m. Climbing this mountain is quite troublesome due to its steep sides that plunge downward into steep valleys. However, all this effort is worth it because the views from the top are indescribable.

Ghyll Scrambling in Honister Slate Mine:

If you’re a venture lover, then this is the activity you must do while you’re in the Lake District. Ghyll scrambling or simply gorge walking in the Honister slate mine will make your adrenaline rush. You will be able to experience vertiginous via ferratas here using all the climbing cables and clinging onto to the cliffs for your lives.

World of Beatrix Potter:

The world of Beatrix Potter is a miniature theme park for children, which is based on the famous stories of BP. There are several portions of the park exhibiting characters of those stories like Peter the Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck.   

Riding the Steam Engine:

The steam trains of Ravenglass & Eskdale take you on a very pleasant ride across the Scafell range. By riding on this train, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Eskdale valley and en route you can also explore Muncaster castle.  

Written by Elena