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Although Virginia Beach is one of the biggest tourist draws in the entire state, it’s not the only place to go swimming. Whether you enjoy pools, saltwater beaches, or freshwater swimming holes, Virginia has a hotspot hiding somewhere within its boundaries. Here are a few options that will keep you away from the crowds.

Enjoy Shopping and Sunshine at Yorktown Beach

Yorktown is one of the state’s most charming historic towns. Yorktown Beach spans 2 acres of shoreline that’s ideal for sunbathing, building sandcastles, and playing in the ocean. Visitors can also rent boats to go out on the water, including speedboats, canoes, and kayaks, as well as paddle boats. The fishing is second to none, as well. 

Before or after spending a few hours on the beach, you can also visit Riverwalk Landing, which is conveniently near the beach. Find restaurants galore, as well as countless shops and boutiques. The best part is that Yorkville Beach is rarely crowded. Although you share space with other beachgoers, it’s peaceful when compared to other spots in Virginia.

Hit up a Water Park Near the Beach

Virginia Beach is gorgeous, but it’s also choked with crowds. That doesn’t mean you should avoid the famous shoreline, but you should expand your horizons and explore alternative hotspots in the area. For example, try to search for hotels near Ocean Breeze Water Park, which is right in Virginia Beach and located near the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium, too. Have a blast in the water, minus the crowds and the sand at the beach. Whether you lazily float along Largo Loop, walk the plank at Pirates’ Plummet, or streak down the Bamboo Shoots, you won’t soon forget your trip.

Explore Assateague Island

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Assateague Island is one of Virginia’s most well-known barrier islands. You’ve heard about it even if you don’t recognize the name; it’s where wild horses roam the beach. Technically, only one-third of the island resides in Virginia, but don’t let that interfere with your trip because the VA portion has the most attractive features, including the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. You should still venture over to the Maryland side of the island, which boasts the Assateague State Park and the Assateague National Seashore. Along with the horses, an exploration of the island reveals secret coves, beautiful bays, and towering lighthouses.

Have It All at Hampton’s Buckroe Beach

Buckroe Beach nestles against the Chesapeake Bay, which helps to cement its position as one of Hampton’s most popular beaches. Because of that, you can count on crowds of people but, given that the beach sprawls over 8 acres, you might not notice anyone else. There’s a playground, as well as paths for biking and hiking, grills, and picnic tables. In the summer, there’s a concert every Sunday, while summertime Tuesdays are outdoor movie nights.

Virginia has much more to offer than Virginia Beach. In every county, you’ll also find an abundance of swimming holes, particularly if you talk to the locals. Where’s your favorite swimming spot in Virginia?

Written by Elena