There’s a great deal to see in the UK; whether it’s a day trip with the kids or a week away in a historic self-catering cottage, it’s essential to know where to get information when you arrive.

With holiday time being so precious, finding out what to see and where to go is important so you can get the most from your trip. Seek out those in the know and you’ll be able to cram even more into your days and in turn create further great memories to take home with you.

Tourism offices

There are tourist information offices (TICs) in every city and just about every town in the UK. Packed full of a wealth of information, they will have rows of leaflets available with details of attractions to visit as well as knowledgeable staff to talk to if you have questions about the area. They are also a great source for finding accommodation and if it’s been approved by the TIC then you’ll know it will be a great place to stay.

Many TICs also have souvenirs with a local flavour so if you’re looking for gifts to take back to family and friends or want some beautiful items to have as a keepsake of your time there, take the time to browse. Larger TICs will sometimes have historical exhibitions permanently on display which are a great way to find out more about your location.

Tourist guides

Heading off to places such as castles, country houses or other historic buildings is a great way to spend a day as is taking yourself around the older part of any town or city. Whilst you’ll learn a great deal if you visit on your own, perhaps with just a guide book to tell you everything about the past, you’ll enrich your experience even more if you are accompanied by a tourist guide.

Official tourist guides in the UK are registered and professional and are passionate about all aspects of UK life. They can share information on history, architecture, archaeology, art and literature of wherever you decide to meet them.

Fluent in 34 languages, these guides can be recognised through their wearing of a blue badge. It’s a symbol of their professional membership of the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides and they are recognised by tourism centres and many popular attractions. Highly trained, they offer guided walks, coach trips, visits to museums and even private car tours. With the aim to bring the UK to life, they offer half or whole day fee charges where they are then at your disposal to show you hidden places and secret locations you wouldn’t find by following the route on a leaflet.

Start organising your next UK holiday today and you’ll really get the most out of it. Be prepared by researching the area by looking at online tourism office sites or by booking a tourist guide. By the time you’re ready to load your suitcase into the car, you’ll already have a list of things to do which is going to more than fill your time away.

Written by Elena