The wonderful island of Bali

For many years, Bali has welcomed visitors from all over the world. As foreign travel has become more accessible, holiday makers are venturing further afield and dream holidays on stunning tropical islands such as Bali have now become a reality. Most people who visit Bali instantly fall in love, there is a certain magical vibe about the island that you feel the minute you touchdown (once you have battled through the baggage pick ups!). Friendly locals and beautiful surroundings help you to relax and unwind and you can never get bored of the bright sunshine and stunning beaches.

Bali island has a rich culture and some fascinating traditions unique to the island. If you are interested, the locals are delighted to share their knowledge of culture and the many ceremonies that take place. Bali also offers every type of accommodation for all budgets along with a plethora of fun activities and unlimited cafes and restaurants all around the island.

Choosing the right travel company

There are a huge number of travel companies that arrange holidays to the island of Bali and a growing quantity of locally based companies. Travel companies that are not based on the island may not have the right type of knowledge and contacts to ensure that holidaymakers get what they want. And locally based companies, although probably have extensive local knowledge, may not have the legal status required to make them a legitimate travel company. As a newbie to the island it can be quite daunting trying to figure out who to book through, who is reliable and trustworthy. The Seven Holiday is a travel company that really stands out from the crowd. It has global and locally based offices and the teams work together to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they want and ends their holiday on a high. Offering exclusive, tailor made holidays and honeymoons, The Seven Holiday can custom make holidays and experiences so customers feel special and unique. They have developed a strong network of the best quality accommodation and activity partners that provide safe, professional and affordable services that cater for all budgets.

The Seven Holiday, fully legal and fully trusted

The Seven Holiday has all of the relevant, up to date and valid legal licenses to operate as a travel company and they only use professional licensed drivers and guides. This is important as there are a large number of drivers and guides out there who are not trained, legal or even qualified. They may offer great prices but safety might be compromised and it is unlikely that visitors will receive the quality of service they deserve. Trust is important when visiting a place for the first time and it is reassuring to know that there are companies like The Seven Holiday out there where you can be 100% confident of receiving a professional and high level of service. They have a huge number of reviews from genuine customers on Facebook, Review Center, TripAdvisor and many other reputable sources.

Yacht Charters

The Seven Holiday also offers yacht charters to suit every type of adventure from private romantic getaways to the more active options such as diving or fishing. If you appreciate the ocean and feel at ease on a boat, then chartering a yacht through The Seven Holiday could be the perfect option. Check out for more information.

Discover more of Indonesia

It can actually be quite tricky to navigate around Indonesia as there are so many islands. But how exciting to discover rare and stunning islands and experience the wonderfully diverse culture and traditions unique to each island. The Seven Holiday have the experience, knowledge and contacts to arrange cost effective and efficient travel around indonesia allowing visitors to focus on exploring rather than worrying about booking flights.

The Seven is an all round excellent travel partner that is able to fulfil most people’s wishes. Check out their website today to find out more.

Written by Elena