If you are in charge of booking the office party, then you may feel as though you are under pressure to make sure that everything is perfect on the big day itself. With this in mind, it could be a good idea to start planning now – as the more time you have to plan, the more chance there is that you will be able to think of everything. This page will give you some great tips about how to make sure that your office party is one that everyone will remember – for all of the right reasons!

Choose your venue carefully

There are so many venues in London that it can often be tricky to decide on the best one, however if you need a little bit of a helping hand then Venue Search London could be just what you have been looking for. Here, there is lots of information about the types of venue that are available. You may even find things that you hadn’t even thought of yet – so it’s also a good place to look if you’ve been struggling for inspiration. You should always think about the size of your venue, and the location – as it’s vital that all of your invited guests can get to where they need to be.

Consider the catering

Depending on the type of party that you are holding, different types of catering are going to appeal to you. For example, if you’re hoping for an informal disco then you might be happy with a buffet, however for a more formal event a three course meal might be more of what you are looking for. It is important that you have the catering planned well in advance, and you should also check with all of your guests to make sure that they don’t have any dietary requirements that might change what you are able to serve. For example, peanuts are a popular snack to display in bowls at a party – but if one of your guests has a life threatening allergy then this is something that you will certainly want to stay far away from. Doing your research in advance is key.

Choose quality entertainment

Some venues come with their own entertainment, but if yours doesn’t then you will need to hire some of your own. Again, the entertainment that you choose will depend largely on the type of party that you’re having – but you should always meet with them and discuss your needs, and take a look at their work, before you book them. This is the only way of making sure that they’re what you were hoping for, and that they will be able to provide you with exactly what you need.
Generally, putting the hours into preparation certainly pays off when it comes to organising an office party. Provided you do your research and make sure that everything you’re booking is suitable, you should find that you really can book a party that everyone is going to enjoy – and this will certainly be seen as a triumph.

Written by Elena