When buying a used car, it pays to bear a few things in mind. First of all, you have to use a bit of caution, because it could be the case that you are buying from a private seller.

Bear the following tips in mind before you start to make any buying decisions and things should turn out well.

The history

One of the most important things you can do when buying a used car is to check the vehicle history. This is done quite easily, but it is something you cannot do in a half-hearted fashion. Ask as many questions as you can and get as much information as you can from the seller about the history of the vehicle. Then, make sure you have the vehicle identification number (VIN), so that you can check it against the history of the vehicle. This is usually done online, and should be able to tell you if the car has been involved in accidents, or if there are any recalls on the model etc.

The engine

This Is the most important part of the vehicle, and you should know how the engine is doing before you start to consider making a purchase.

With the bonnet open, take a good look at the engine. You should be able to check for any obvious signs of corrosion this way. In particular, look for any cracks or clear corrosion around and on the engine. If you can see any, this is a clear cause for concern.

If the worst happens,you could always arrange a discount so you can find a replacement Ford engine from a supplier, for example, but you will need to know what the problem is first. So get the check done as a priority. If you need a mechanic to check, get one.


All four tyres on a car should match. They should be the same make and style. And it is vital that you check for wear on the tyres. Wear and tear is understandable, but if one or two tyres have more wear than others, this could mean that the car is out of alignment. That is a major concern, because this could mean that the car could veer over from right to left, or vice versa, when driving.


This may seem like less of an issue to some people, because they may be buying a vehicle with a lot of mileage for cost reasons, but bear in mind that a car that has a lot of miles on the clock could have some significant wear and tear issues inside the body. If a car has a high mileage, consider getting a knowledgeable friend or mechanic to give the car a check.

The buttons

This is an area that many people forget when they are looking at a used car. Inside the car, check as many buttons as you can. You should be checking that the stereo is working, and that the windows are rolling down (if they are electric of course). You should also be looking at the air-con and heating. Those last two areas alone are rarely considered by buyers during a check, and can cost a lot of money if they need fixing or replacing. Those are some of the considerations you should take into account when buying a used car. Take care, and ask for professional support from a mechanic if necessary.

Written by Elena