Computer forensic experts have become a vital part of the litigation process. In the past few years, reports of cyber attacks that were orchestrated by criminals with technical knowledge of hacking into company computers have been very common. This is why electronic evidence has been of critical importance in courts for convictions. Forensics is the use of science to give facts in a civil or a criminal court. Computer forensics, on the other hand, is the examination, acquisition and the reporting of data found on networks and computers in regards to criminal investigations.

As it is, it can be tough to obtain electronic evidence, and its authenticity can be altered. This is why the digital evidence must be presented in court in a logical way. On the internet, there is too much information being exchanged, and although this has made it easier for corporations, it is also an avenue where criminals can fetch sensitive details. Corporate fraud, theft, phishing, breach of contract, asset recovery and property dispute are some of the areas computer forensic experts can be of help.

Why Forensic Experts?

The ability to analyse and research on large data efficiently as well as get crucial information that can be of help in a legal case is one reason to work with computer forensic experts. Nearly everything a criminal does on a computer leaves traces from registry entries, deleted files and the history cache of the internet.

Instant messaging and email headers leave clues of the intermediate servers that the data has traversed. These professionals have the ability to access data that may have been deleted by criminals for court evidence. Such an expert has the prowess to do searches using different languages on a hard drive, and this is necessary because cyber crimes are known to cross borders through the internet.

Working with Computer Forensic Experts

Computer forensics is a mixture of art and science that is hardly understood by many. On the scientific side, extraction and investigation of computer/network related data with specialised tools are involved. On the other, creative sleuthing to get lost evidence is carried out. When used correctly and with professionalism, the recovered data can be very efficient and is also a cost-effective way of uncovering critical electronic proof.

For this reason, it is vital to choose a reputable and qualified investigator since the evidence must be presented in an admissible way in court. Experts know that they must comply with the required standards of evidence and be accountable for the actions carried out. They also have high-profile training and understand the legal procedures when handling evidence.

Data recovery experts are aware of the importance of the information they encounter. Specialized in litigation and internal investigations, they are a computer forensics firm that offers expertise not only to top law firms in the UK but also small and large corporations.

Written by Elena